Meet Joy


Joy Silver is a small business owner who built a success­ful career as a health clinic executive, senior housing developer and business consultant. Now she’s running for State Senate to get Sacramento focused on the priorities that matter most to our communities.

Joy has the practical experience to get things done and strong values from a lifetime of experience serving seniors, providing healthcare to those in need and advocating for underserved communities and at-risk populations.

As State Senator for the 28th District, Joy will focus on bringing good jobs, investing in career and vocational training, providing universal health care coverage, building a clean energy economy and advocating for immigrant communities.

During her career, Joy founded senior living communities, operated retirement and health care centers for seniors, and developed senior housing, including affordable housing.

Joy served as Chief Strategy Officer of Choices Women’s Medical Centers, leading a team of medical professionals and support staff in providing quality comprehensive care to women.

As an active community advocate, Joy served two terms on the board of the American Society for the Aging, served on the L-Fund of Palm Springs, serves on the PALS Palm Springs steering committee and was the Chair of the Steinway Society of Riverside County's Wellness Committee, which brings quality arts education to kids throughout the Inland Empire. She is a member of the Cathedral City Rotary, the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, the Desert Business Association and the American Society On Aging.

Joy grew up in a working class family in Philadelphia.  Her mother and father were both detectives.  After a career in business that led her all over the country, Joy now lives in Palm Springs with her partner Atma Wiseman. In her spare time, she sings with the Desert Outreach Synagogue choir.

Expanding Affordable Housing

Joy Silver has delivered real results on affordable housing, working to build senior living communities and bring more affordable homes to Riverside County.

In the State Senate, Joy will tackle the affordable housing crisis squeezing Riverside families by:

  • Fighting for our fair share of state housing funds to reduce Riverside County's affordable housing shortage, currently estimated at over 43,000 units.
  • Strengthening protections for seniors to keep more senior complexes affordable and ensure retirees on fixed incomes aren't evicted without fair warning.
  • Building stable permanent shelters to get the homeless off neighborhood streets and into the housing they need.

Protecting Healthcare

Joy’s Healthcare Plan:

  • Reduce The Cost of Prescription Drugs. California must continue to lead the way in expanding drug pricing transparency and giving the state Insurance Commissioner more power to go after price gauging.  That will keep costs down and ensure greater access to life saving drugs for more Californians.
  • Protect Existing Coverage. The GOP Congress’ reckless plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act would be disastrous for Riverside families and put Medi-Cal and Medicare in jeopardy for Riverside seniors.  Joy will work to save and fix the Affordable Care Act.
  • Prioritizing Preventative Care To Tame Costs. The best way to keep patients health, especially seniors, is through regular checkups and preventative care that stops illnesses before they get worse.  Joy will work to change the incentives in our healthcare system so that providers are encouraged to perform more preventative care, saving lives and saving money.