Progressive Values, Practical Solutions

I’m running for State Senate to fight to protect our progressive values and work to find practical solutions to the challenges we face.

We can’t afford more political games and extreme right-wing agendas in Sacramento.  We need practical solutions to the issues that matter to our communities - job creation, housing, universal healthcare coverage, building the new clean energy economy, and safe and secure retirement.  And we need the courage to stand up for our American values of equality, justice and opportunity.

I’m not a career politician.  I’m a business owner.  I know how to meet a payroll, balance a budget and create jobs, because I’ve done it and delivered real results, in good times and bad.

  • I built senior living communities, including affordable housing to help seniors retire with dignity and security. 
  • I ran a women’s health center to provide comprehensive care to women. 
  • I’ve given back to my community through organizations working on equality and education.

I’ll put my business experience to work in Sacramento to deliver for our communities and those in need.  I’ll bring my progressive, practical approach to the Legislature to get the focus back where it belongs and get things done.

And I’ll never lose sight of who government is supposed to be serving: it’s you.  You work hard, play by the rules and do your part to build stronger communities.

It’s time for Sacramento to start doing its part too.

Thank you for your consideration.