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I’m sure you’ve heard that the early ballots have us behind our opponent.  What you may not know is that more than 250,000 ballots remain to be counted.  I want every vote to be counted and every voter to be heard.  

The County Registrar will be releasing new tallies of ballots counted on Thursday and Friday.  Hundreds of people waited for hours yesterday to exercise their right to vote, and many mailed theirs in on election day.  

I want to honor that by waiting until these additional ballots are counted. 

While the early results are not what we hoped, our movement for change is not over.  

We’re not going to stop fighting for affordable healthcare, good jobs, strong public schools, a clean environment, and justice and equality.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support of my campaign.  I appreciate your energy, determination, commitment and generosity.

You made a huge impact.  We engaged new voters.  Inspired people to volunteer and get involved in creating change.  We’re turning Riverside blue - and we’re not stopping now!


Getting Down to Business for Riverside County — Expanding Affordable Housing and Protecting Healthcare

I’m running for State Senate to bring practical solutions for the challenges we face.

We need solutions to the issues that matter to our communities - expanding affordable housing and protecting healthcare coverage.

play-button.jpg Watch a video describing Joy's Health Plan.

I’m a business owner. I know how to meet a payroll, balance a budget and create jobs, because I’ve done it and delivered real results, in good times and bad.

  • I built senior living communities, including affordable housing to help seniors retire with dignity and security.
  • I ran a women’s health center to provide comprehensive healthcare to women.
  • I’ve given back to my community through organizations working on equality and education.

I’ll put my business experience to work in Sacramento to deliver for our communities and those in need. I’ll bring my practical approach to the legislature and focus on getting things done!

And I’ll never lose sight of who government is supposed to be serving: it’s you. You work hard, play by the rules and do your part to build stronger communities. Learn more about what I will do for Riverside County.

Vote for me on November 6th and let me work for you in Sacramento.

Thank you for your consideration.


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